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Book Giveaway Winners

Announcing the winners of the drawing for signed copies of my book, Rampage along Route 66.

Congratulations to Sabrina from Chandler, Arizona; Deswood from Window Rock, The Navajo Nation; and to Lisa (who grew up in Grants) from Santee, California. They each won a free/signed copy of my book.

Thank you to all of you who participated, and I hope you will continue to follow my website. I usually update my blog weekly with back stories from the book and from the area in Northern Arizona and Western New Mexico where these events occurred. I will also announce any changes or additions to my April book promotional tour.

Next week my blog story will be about Ft. Courage and Van de Kamps restaurant located at Houck, Arizona. Houck played a significant role in the book - and the stories and history behind these two businesses are rather interesting.

The picture this week is of a vintage Arizona Highway Patrol patch. This was the shoulder patch design the two slain officers wore. Less than a year after their deaths, AZDPS changed their uniform to include a smokey bear campaign-style hat and a shoulder patch in the shape of the state of Arizona.

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