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Mesa invests in the future

Mesa Airlines is looking forward to the future with several forward-looking investments. Mesa has retooled their Mesa Pilot Development program. Now a pilot with a commercial pilot certificate and a multiengine and instrument rating, can join the program and build time up to 144 hours per month towards the ATP requirement of 1,500 hours. The cost per flight hour is very reasonable and is financed by Mesa Airlines interest free. The loan can be paid back over three years once the pilot is hired by Mesa. The program uses Pipistrel Alpha Training aircraft, of which Mesa has purchased 29 with options on 75 more.

Mesa has invested in Elroy Air which is working to produce an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) cargo aircraft called the Chaparral C1 which can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo up to 300 miles.

The company has also invested in Regent Craft, who will produce the Viceroy Seaglider, an all-electric aircraft that flies in ground effect above the water and can carry two pilots and 12 passengers or 3,500 pounds of cargo up to 180 miles at 180 MPH.

In February 2021, Mesa announced they were investing as partners with United Airlines for a small eVTOL shuttle aircraft produced by Archer Aviation called the Midnight and that can carry a pilot and 4 passengers short distances from urban heliports to airports like Newark Airport in New Jersey to provide feed for United.

Also in 2021, Mesa announced an investment as partners with United Airlines to purchase an all-electric 30-passenger airplane made by Heart Aerospace called the ES-30. It can carry 30 passengers up to 250 miles at almost 250 MPH.

Finally, Mesa is working on obtaining a European air carrier operator’s certificate in Malta and hoping to strike a codeshare deal with a European airline. This new operation is planned to utilize some of the CRJ-900 airplanes that Mesa currently has parked.

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer aircraft used by Mesa Pilot Development.

Elroy Chaparral C1 electric cargo aircraft.

Regent Viceroy Seaglider aircraft.

Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL shuttle aircraft.

Heart Aerospace ES-30 all electric regional airliner.

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