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David Johnson 

David Johnson has written a true crime story that touched him personally. He knew the first highway patrolman who was murdered, and he was classmates with the four schoolgirls who witnessed the shooting of the second patrolman.

A Bit About Me

David Johnson is a true crime aficionado and genealogical researcher who has written his first book about a crime wave that touched him personally and was more like a California tsunami crashing its way through Northern Arizona to the badlands of New Mexico.  This great grandfather is a former police detective, airline pilot, non-profit executive director, and state agency program manager. He and his charming wife, Donna, are retired and live on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest only a stone’s throw from the South Puget Sound with a small herd of cows, a horse who thinks she is the lead cow, and an acre of northern highbush blueberry bushes. Rampage is his first book, but he is also in the process of writing a book on the history of the airline where he was once a pilot.

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