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Mesa hires its first flight attendants

When Mesa purchased the first Brasilia aircraft in 1990, they needed flight attendants – a requirement for airplanes with more than 19 seats (the Brasilias had 30). The first class of flight attendants consisted of five Mesa employees: Jody Kramme, Nancy Bellino, Lisa O’Brien, Barb, and Pattie Gang. They received their training from Bruce Parker, including emergency drills and extinguishing a jet fuel fire.

The first Brasilias were based in Farmington, NM, Rapid City, SD, and Casper, WY. As the company has grown, so too have the number of airplanes that require flight attendants. Currently Mesa has an all-jet fleet, and except for the four 737 freighters flying for DHL Express, all aircraft with Mesa today require a minimum of two flight attendants per airplane. As a result, the number and size of flight attendant classes has grown significantly evidenced by the photo of a 2018 flight attendant class.

There is another photograph attached with other earlier flight attendants: Paula Medina, Leslie Littleton (Powell), Kenda White, Karla Young, Kelly Kruger, and Connie Kern.

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